02 January 2009

31 days of character sketches

Since it's the new year I thought I would try to become a little more disciplined.  So I am going to put a little more effort into this writing thing that I have been doing.  For 31 (ish) days I am going to work on some character sketches (it's one of my many weaknesses). One a day for every day in January.  And being the slacker I am I have already missed a day, the first day. Oh well, you screw up, you apologize, make restitution and move one.  So I am sorry, not that any of you were depending on it since you didn't know it existed, my restitution will be 2 character sketches tonight and I have moved on.
Since I don't want to reveal something about a friend they may not want out there, there will be no names. Feel free to guess.  

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