04 January 2009

Bouncing along as Character Three

Let's try to keep this one to a real 10 steps... Character Three

1.  Be willing to give, never asking for anything in return.
2.  Have an abundance of energy.
3.  Have your head bowed when a camera appears.
4.  Be able to share a 10'x10' apartment with 4 other guys and not loose your mind. (Or maybe you did at times.)
5.  Never stand for the cheesy Christianeeze constantly being thrown at you.
6.  Supply me with my first real knife. 
7.  Give a person the shirt off your back... literally.
8.  Enjoy the characterization of a children's book.
9.  Be ready at all times to step in when I, or any girl you know, is being threatened.
10. Put up a total stranger for months on end, rent free, just because he's a friend of a friend.

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