21 January 2009

Character Four

So here we go again.  If you want to be Character Four, here's what to practice...

1. Always be laughing.
2. Keep a beta fish in a shot glass.
3. Run 10 miles at a sub-6 pace and still be able to run your "recovery" runs with me slowly enough  so I wouldn't feel too bad.
4. Always ask "What did you read today?" so that I would have to read daily so as not to be caught without an answer to that one.
5. Be so concerned with doing things the "right way" that you don't let me roll my own sleeping bag because you would just have to do it again.
6. Be sustained by the music of Eric Clapton and Eric Goranson.
7. Peel the label off your beer bottle with your thumb and throw it inside.
8. Introduce me to my loves of Jimmy, fish tacos, sailing, and Jerry Bridges.
9. Be enough of a romantic to wear your parents wedding ring but disguise it by telling people you picked it up at a garage sale one day.
10. Never show your cards.

1 comment:

  1. it was a hurricane glass...

    and i am flattered...
    holding a pair of aces.