02 January 2009

Character One

If you ever wanted to know how to play the part of one of the many people in my life..  Here's your 10 step program

To be Character One
1. Teach me the finer points of snack shack hot dogs made at home and a Dr. Pepper eaten on the roof of your house on a beautiful summer day.
2. Be moody.
3. Be willing to drive up a mountain at 5 in the morning just to get a better view of the sunrise.
4. Count the steps to the top of Diamond Head.
5. Dare me to kiss my first boy.
6. Love to do logic puzzles with me as a kid.
7. Teach me to shave my legs.
8. Become catsup sisters because we were to afraid of blood (oh the irony of now being a diabetic).
9. Be loyal even when we had grown into two very different people.
10. Be able to brawl with me, throw me down a flight of stairs, hit the bottom,  start laughing and be over the whole fight.
11.  Be the first person I ever met that made me feel like I found someone who understands me (these are unfortunately too few and far in between).

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