02 January 2009

Character Two

In 10 steps or less how to be Character Two
1. Play House of Pain way too loud and way too often.
2. Use coupons for everything.
3. Write me letters in college just so I wouldn't have to find an empty mailbox once again.
4. Always take a picture whenever we hung out before the days of the camera phone.
5.  Play baseball in a way that made me want to come out and watch.
6. Take me out on a date without me actually knowing it (not hard to do when I was so clueless).
7. Drink too much.
8. Be the leader of your group of misfit friends.
9.  Dump your girl on Valentine's Day.
10. Barter my attendance at a New Year's Eve party for yours at a crusade.
11. Be the typical irresponsible teenage boy except when it came to taking care of your sister.

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