21 January 2009

Numero Five

You know the drill...

1.  Be able to eat mac-n-cheese with me every Sunday for weeks on end.
2.  Be one of the few people able to sit and do absolutely nothing and still make it interesting.
3.  Be so easy to drive crazy just by moving a few items in your room just an inch, and tilting paintings a few degrees off center.
4.  Be able to grow up and not loose any of the good parts of yourself
5.   Be game enough to drive to Hollywood on a moment's notice to go to a movie premier of one of the weirdest movies I've seen.
6.  Be gullible enough to believe that I had no feeling in my right hand and compassionate enough to feel really bad about it.
7.  Bring me into the presence of God when you sit down with that guitar of yours and start to play worship.
8.  Want to be cool enough to hang out with the older guys but not realize you were even cooler for knowing, more than they, when to say when.

So I only got 8, not for any lack of character or interest...

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