18 February 2009

How to Be Character #6

How to be character number six in ten steps...

1.  Need to arrange your silverware at a restaurant neatly at the edge of your napkin.
2. Be man enough to let me beat you at basketball (not that you could have stopped me :) )
3.  Watch those stupid chick flicks with me without telling anyone I had succumbed to them. (oh crap, I think i just let that one out of the bag)
4. Be able to walk down the pier with me slowly, without really needing to get anywhere.
5. Figure me out quickly enough to know you'd need to trick me into a date to get around my psychosis. And know just where to take me to get me to agree.
6. Be the grounding practicality to my dreaming wander lust.
7. Never allow me to cry alone in my closet.  Demand me to talk about my feelings (a hard feat, I'm sure you know)
8.  Be just jealous enough to show you care but not jealous to the point that it's smothering. 
9.  Want with all your heart to be a pastor but not be satisfied with the state of the American church today to settle for just any position offered.
10. Never know just how talented you are.

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