17 February 2010

A New Chronic

Just to make this trip a little more challenging, as if I thought it was a bit too easy to simply manage the twenty-seven foot sailboat, Pagan Charm, and the chronic and often deadly diabetes while all alone on the ocean, I thought I would pick up another chronic disease. I shopped around and thought it might add a little challenge to have my immune system off another organ, this time the one that manages my metabolism and thus a myriad of other aspects of my body and life. I thought my immune system did a good enough job with my pancreas; so I would go with it once again, no need to reinvent the wheel with a whole new mechanism here. After weighing the options I decided on Hashimoto’s disease. Its pleasant enough, and just my thyroid. I thought it best not to off an organ that was critical to my immediate survival like a heart or lungs, though in my case the later aren’t exactly the strongest, with the Exercise-Induced Asthma and Asthmatic Bronchitis they often throw at me. And, so, I settled yesterday with the newest addition to my encyclopedia-thick medical charts, a soon-to-be totally defunct thyroid. Bring on the challenge. I'm ready.


  1. Whoa, you're a trooper, and I like that. I'm Type1 and have become pretty good friends with the crew at ID and Triabetes, Peter, Sean and John. I'll be training with them in Denver this summer, and may be in St. George. Loved your posts and looking forward to meeting you and hangin out sometime soon. The athletic diabetic world is a small one.

  2. Good to know you. I am sure our paths will cross quickly. What are you training for, besides just for good blood sugars? I have got to tell you I can't wait to be able to train again. This thyroid thing has pretty much prevented me from doing anything since the first of the year except the Carlsbad Half and one other sprint tri. But both of those have killed me and made it impossible to even ride for 15 minutes without debilitating fatigue for weeks after. I'm now just waiting to get fixed next week and then training season begins :)