18 September 2011

The Lazy Man's Solution

I've been looking for creative ways to write more for this blog and I hear the lazy man will go to a meme when he is out of ideas. I have come up with some creative ways to inspire me, but as I am fighting off a headache and nausea from working in the fumes in my newly painted office, I thought a lazy way was warranted today. So here is the first meme I found (what's the point of being lazy, if it means havign to search for the best meme or one that is perfectly suited to the topic of this blog.)

1) Who is the last person you high-fived? Tony, when he finished his last tri

2) If you were drafted into a war, would you survive. I doubt it, unless I had some amazing people on my team.

3) Do you sleep with the TV on? NO WAY!!!

4) Have you ever drunk milk straight out of the carton?  I don't like to drink milk. Its only purpose is to turn chocolate for lows or to fill my cereal bowl

5) Have you ever won a spelling bee? i kant spell wurth crapp

6) Have you ever been stung by a bee? Nope. We used to catch them as a kid with dixie cups while they sat on the little flowers in the grass of our elementary school or sometimes we would catch them with tweezers as they sat on the shrubs in front of my cousins house, but I've never stung.

7) How fast can you type? not as fast as i can think which kills me when I write.

8) Are you afraid of the dark? Not unless I let my mind wander and picture that horrible, tall, skinny alien thing run behind a fence like in that movie Signs. Still creeps me out to this day.

9) Eye color: green

10) Have you ever made out at a drive-in? Nope, just a regular theater

11) When was the last time you chose a bath over a shower? This afternoon

12) Do you knock on wood? Only when I knock my knee on whatever wooden creation I am currently building which is usually followed by cussing and crying

13) Do you floss daily? I would love to say yes.

15) Can you hula hoop? Yep but not with any sort of finesse or beauty

16) Are you good at keeping secrets? Excellent. I take great pride in being trustworthy. Maybe it was having a very loose lipped friend as a kid that drove that message home.

17) What do you want for Christmas? a new wedding ring (not a new husband, mine's perfectly designed for me) just a new ring with some style.

18) Do you know the Muffin Man? huh?

19) Do you talk in your sleep? When I'm stressed.

20) Who wrote the book of love? God.

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