17 January 2012

My New Super Power

  Since I've had this radiation treatment, I've been asked several times if I am going to have super powers. I laughed it off, humoring them for their silly questions. 

But now that I have been radioactive, being out among people today, I realize I do have a super power no one can see. An evil power, but a power none the less. 

I can sit down right next to a person in a restaurant and literally take days off their life without them even noticing. They can't feel it happen. 

I can leave invisible radioactive hand prints to radiate anyone who passes by.  I can take a jar of my radioactive piss and hide it under someone's bed to nuke them all night for weeks to come and they would never be the wiser. 

So I do have a superpower? Sure. It's just not one I plan to employ, unless of course you really piss me off. And then you'll never see it coming.

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