12 January 2012


    What a completely different experience than yesterday. I woke up feeling hungover.  I don't think my body handled the twelve hours of hyper that was my day yesterday. I was dragging all morning until I passed out for two hours. After that I felt a little more human. But the solitary confinement is starting to wear on me. I realized today the reason I love to have eight hours a day to write all alone is because I come home to an amazing family. Now that I can't hang out on the couch with the kids or sit around and talk about my day with Tony, that isolation is a bit overwhelming.
  Only twelve hours left of the damned low-iodine diet, which also made today unbearable.  After eleven days of eating the same meal again and again I am ready for a change. I am thinking a big plate of fish tacos tomorrow is definitely in order. I made the worst batch of low-iodine blueberry muffins, but had to eat them because there was nothing else in the house on the diet.
    The only good thing that happened today was that I got tired at 9:30. It has been over five years since I have gotten tired by ten without taking one type of pill or another. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

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