09 October 2012

The Bigger Blue Test

I spent last Saturday in LA at a  shoot for The Big Blue Test commercial and it was fantastic. 

The Big Blue Test is a month-long program to encourage people to get active and test their blood sugars. 

To participate, between October 14 and November 15, test your blood sugars, get active for 14-20 minutes and test again. 

Then log on to BigBlueTest.org to share your experience. For every log-in Roche will donate $5 to give life-saving diabetes supplies to those who need them here at home and abroad.

During the shoot, everyone was doing a different activity. Some were running, others doing yoga. They even had a band led by a six-year-old drummer who rocked. 

I got the chance to do some tarp surfing which I've always wanted to do. 

They rolled out a huge blue tarp and pulled the corner of it to form a huge wave that we would ride skateboards through. 

It is probably the only time in my life I will be in a six foot tall, stand-up barrel. 

And I got the time to take a few photos, another one of my hobbies. It was great to have professional lighting and a real set to play with.

The last shot I was in was a group shot of the whole cast rounded out by Elliot Yamin. I don't think I've ever heard a sweeter voice in person. 

After a day filled with the noise of direction and background conversation, the set was quieted by the call of "Quiet on the set." They actually say that. I laughed to myself. 

And then Elliot started singing. Damn, he's good. And not the over-processed, only-good-'cause-he's-been-remastered kind of good. 

He's got a voice that makes me feel like I can no longer use the word "singing" when I talk about the squawking I do along in my car on the 5 freeway. 

He's also got some basketball skills to go along with the singing.

This year there is also the BIGger Blue Test and I am going to take this one on. For each 30 days in a row I will test, get active for 20 or more minutes, test again and post my results. 

Since getting better from the thyroid drama, I have yet to daily get back into exercise. I have made great strides forward in doing big workouts, but the daily discipline still isn't routine.

How are you planning to do THE BIG BLUE TEST this year??

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  1. Looks like an amazing experience! Very cool that you got to be there!