12 July 2013

Are You a Genius?

What I Don't Know

During a recent Google Hangout with Emily Coles from TuDiabetes, I was asked a couple of questions about how I prepare supplies for long journeys and what I would do if all of my supplies went overboard. I had a few suggestions for the latter but had nothing to share on the former.

But I know there are so many diabetic sailors out there who are screaming the answer to both questions as they read them. When we come together and share our wisdom, we are so much stronger as a community. So here's you chance to let your voices be heard.

In my classroom, when a student comes up with a creative answer I bestow upon them the title "Class Genius of the Day". 

What Do You Know?

What systems have you come up with from getting diabetes supplies for a year long journey, to keeping strips dry? 

How do you keep insulin cold? 

How do you start a discussion with your crew about diabetes? 

How do you deal with the days on the sand or near the water? 

Do you ever go Untethered and how?

So are you the Genius of the Day? 

Let me know in the comments below and I will compile and organize them into a searchable database to help those just starting out. Let's give help to the sailor who just found out they're diabetic, or the diabetic who just decided to give this sailing thing a go.

Are you Genius of the Day??

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