Why on Earth Would We Swim 12.5 Miles Around an Island?
Have you ever thought you were capable of something bigger than what you have been doing in your everyday life? Something big that you can look back on and say with pride that you conquered? A project that you aren't quite sure you can accomplish? Do you want to know exactly what you are capable of?

There is no other way than to pick that project that you think may be outside your reach and try to grab it. This June, three type 1 diabetics, Blair Ryan, Renee Moreno and I, along with our crew members, Tony Spineto and Katie Bringe will take on the 12.5 mile Swim Around Key West.

Diabetics are told everyday that, although moderate exercise will help them control their blood sugar, extreme feats of endurance are much too dangerous. But that could not be further from the truth. Thousands of people with diabetes have figured out that the best way to stay motivated to exercise is to pick a huge challenge and train for it.

Our goal for this project is to encourage people with diabetes to find their athletic passion and pursue it. To develop protocols for managing blood sugars while in extreme conditions, to share our findings with those around them, and to never let diabetes limit them from achieving their goals.

The Sea Peptide Swimmers will spend five days traveling to Key West to become the first ever all Type 1 diabetic team to start this race. We will finally be a part of a team who understands all the extra hurdles we have to jump through in order to make something like this happen.

We will bond during our training over the next four months, laugh during the pre-race meeting at how crazy we all must be to take this on, and party afterwards at a truly Key West restaurant to celebrate how we all kicked diabetes right in the arse.  Then we'll go home knowing we did something incredible and let that confidence spill over into our everyday lives making us walk a little taller and wrangle diabetes a little better. 

Our purpose in sharing our story is to inspire people to find their own adventure, to take the time to dream, and to ensure that people with diabetes take good care of themselves so they can adventure safely.

What are we asking of you?
If you find inspiration from this project, let it push you to dream. What is it that would push you to exercise more, to push yourself a little harder? Then take that from the dreaming phase into the planning phase. Sign up, buy that plane ticket, build your team.

Use this project to propel you towards your goal. Follow our blog here to give yourself a regular dose of motivation, knowing you are amongst a tribe of people dedicated to pushing their limits. 

Learn a thing or two about living life with diabetes. There are 11 million people in the US with diabetes. Take a moment to see what it is to walk a mile in their shoes. 

If you are already a part of the diabetic tribe, you may be able to pick up a tip or two. There are so many gaps in the education we get from doctors. Most of what we know we have learned through trial and error. Learn from our trials and avoid the errors we have had to make.

If you want a physical reminder of your dream and the tribe you are a part of, grab one of the rewards we are offering.

Other ways to contribute
We know everyone has different gifts and can help in very different ways. You might have something to add to this project for which we could not get any other way.

Do you have a place in the Keys to house five crazy diabetic swimmers?

Share our story on social media sites to show the world that anyone can overcome?

Is there something you can add to the project? Please let me know. We'd love for everyone to be a part of the team.

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