Sea Peptide Shift

      Long-distance, open water swimming takes a lot. Swimming over four miles in 86 degree water with the sun blazing down on you through 90 degree air is no joke. It takes months of preparation, training swims of several hours, developing feeding schedules that will work with blood sugars and still be easy to manage while floating on your back, figuring out how to test in the water without touching the boat or the ground. 

      When we all signed up for this race four months out we were taking a gamble. Hoping we would have the time to train, that our schedules would not throw us any curve balls. Praying that our training would start to pay off and our bodies would increase in strength and stamina. And doing everything possible to insure that we don't get injured.

     But life does not always go as planned. Unfortunately, Kate is not going to be able to swim with us in June. With all the other amazing races she has and the wonderful counseling practice she leads, she won't be able to complete the Swim Around Key West.

     Thanks to the wonderful network of Type 1's we have online and in person through Insulindependence, we have found another swimmer. 

     Blair Ryan has had type 1 diabetes since 2000 and is an accomplished collegiate distance runner, triathlete, and cyclist. Thanks to spending her summers in the water as a Ventura County Junior Lifeguard, Blair has great romance and respect for the ocean. Thrilled for this excuse to spend more time in it, she looks forward to the accountability that her Sea Peptide teammates and the 4.2 mile leg will bring to her training. 

    We are excited to have Blair and look forward to this new adventure.

The BEST Fix for Low Blood Sugar- GU Energy Gel

Sea Peptide swimmers are excited to announce our Official Low Blood Sugar Fix!!

How long should you have to wait until your favorite low food travels through your stomach and into your blood stream where it will prevent you from the strange affects of a low? Not long, if you have some Gu Energy gel nearby.

Gu has been my sugar of choice for a while now and its speed is unbeatable. I love that even while I am hardly functioning from a low, I can still take it because there is no chewing involved. 

And since we will certainly be needing sugar while we swim, what better way to get it than to have the crew toss us a pack. 

If you are sick of having Skittles lay around (and trying not to eat the whole bag when you're not low) or worrying about finding the little hole to put the straw into on the top of your juice box, consider grabbing some Gu Energy Gel. Your sugars will thank you for it.

Sea Peptide Swimmers

Look who joined the team...

Renee Moreno signed on on Friday afternoon. She is an experienced surfer, sailer, body surfer and swimmer. We are so glad to welcome her to the SEA PEPTIDE SWIMMERS.
Bring it on Key West!!!

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Run Sherpa or Aide Station on Wheels?

    I'm not sure which name I like best, but the job is the same. Each Sunday I accompany Tony on his long run. Of course I am not fast enough to keep up with him anymore, so I go along on my bike. 

    He loads up my bike and my pockets with his Gu Brew and Gu energy gels and stuffs my pockets with the layers he removes as it gets warmer. 
    But it's turned out to be a pretty good gig. I get two uninterrupted hours with him to enjoy the amazing sunny skies and view of the ocean. And I get a slow two hour ride that doesn't do too much for my cardio, but it is a great core workout from trying to balance while peddling so slowly. 

    So which name shall I claim?  Run Sherpa? Or Aide Station on Wheels?

Someday I Will

I see a white sail,
Skipping cross a blue bay,
And I say Someday I Will.

Don't need to know who,
May help you make it come true,
Just say Someday I Will.
Don't have to work it all out,
Don't have to tear it all apart,
All you need's a place to start.
--"Someday I Will" Jimmy Buffett

     Some people have a bucket list. I have a Someday-I-Will list, my list of future projects that I am not currently in the process of making happen. And one by one I hope to take them off this list and put them on the Current Goal List, just like I have recently done with the Swim Around Key West and previously with the Long Distance Solo Sail.
     I have been reading The Power of Less, which suggests that you become very public with your goals. So I am going to do just that and post my Someday-I-Will list. I may add to it and change it from time to time, but I hope to complete it all, someday.

1. TRANSPAC- a sailing race from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu, HI.

2. Run or bike the coast of an entire state (Probably a small one)

3. Take my family on a one or more month-long cruise on a sailboat

4. Take a long-distance, multi-day SUP/camping trip on the Intercoastal Waterway

5. Write a full-length screenplay

6. Make a short movie

7. Travel- Eastern seaboard of US, Ireland, New Zealand, US Virgin Islands, Southern Pacific Islands, Costa Rica

8. See Jimmy Buffett in a spontaneous show in a small bar, Flogging molly in an Irish Pub ….

9. Finish converting Come Monday, my 12’ wooden boat built from scratch, into a sailboat.

So what is on your Someday-I-Will list? Maybe I can steal some ideas to add to my list.

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Need Some Inspiration to Dream Big???

Doesn't this just make you want to sign up. 
Let me know if you are interested in joining the team by filling out the Interest Form.

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