11 May 2010

There's Always a Way

With so many limitations placed on diabetics by doctors ("You'll never drive a big-rig for a living"),  the media (in that news-casterly fake empathy, "Diabetics must watch and measure every thing that goes in their mouth"), and the general public ("Should you really be eating that cookie with your sugar disease and all?"), I sometimes surprise myself but setting up my own barriers. A few weeks ago, I concluded and posted a blog stating that I should never (a word our pre-marital pastor told us should never be uttered in marriage) take a sleeping pill because it makes waking up and treating low blood sugar very difficulty and could lead to a very dangerous and even life threatening situation.  I was certain it was now on the list of things I will never do, right next to eat a scorpion, hike Antiacrtica (I hate the cold), and drive big-rig for a living (I really didn't want to do it, even before the doc told me I shouldn't).

The thyroid problems I have been having lately have made it so that it is very difficult to get any sleep of